Optimization Analysis Of Output Of Photovoltaic Types On The Effect Of Solar Temperature And Radiation


  • Heri Suyanto Suyanto Institut Teknologi PLN


All Solar power plants (PLTS) work by absorbing solar light and converting it directly into electrical energy. This energy that comes from sunlight will not cause carbon emissions because it is an environmentally friendly energy that is free from pollution. Maximum solar panel operation at 25°C. So, the higher the temperature level of the solar panel, it will affect the power output obtained from the solar panel. In this study, a test was carried out to see the comparison of optamalization of the output of the photovoltaic type on the effect of temperature and solar radiation using 2 types of photovoltaic modules, namely monocrystalline and polycrystaline with different capacities of 40 Wp and 100 Wp. Based on the research results, it can be concluded that the highest voltage on July 1, 2021 is 37.7 Volt monocrystalline module with a temperature of 43⁰ and 38.9 polycrystaline module with a temperature of 43.1⁰ and solar radiation of 914.2 W/m². Then the highest current is 1.4 Ampere monocrystalline module and 0.86 Ampere polycrystaline module