CVT Piece Slide Molding Using Injection Molding Hand Press



The purpose of this study is to develop automotive frictional parts, especially continuously variable transmission (CVT) blocks by using a composite material using injection molding. CVT is made using handpress injection molding, using PPHI as the matrix and nature (pineapple and hemp) as reinforcement.   This CVT slide piece mold has several stages of work, starting from designing the molding process with Solidwork software, after that making a program from design using Mastercam software, finally doing the machining process with CNC and EDM machines.  The assembly process is carried out from parts that have been previously machined. The results of this study are CVT mold have good repeatability, with P1 8.9 mm, P2 13.52 mm, P3 8.4 mm, P4 3.2 mm, P5 6.15 mm, and P6 7.62 mm.