Efficient Pyrolysis of Asbuton to Produce the Liquid Fuel


  • Riny Yolandha Parapat Itenas


Asbuton, Pyrolisis, Nanocatalyst, Nanomineral, Catalysis


Indonesia has the largest deposit of natural asphalt in the world. Due to its abundant quantity, asbuton has the potential to be developed into one of the alternative fuel sources. The approach of the production of liquid fuel from asbuton is based on catalytic pyrolysis with asbuton nanomineral as catalyst at 400°C. The characterization of the nanomineral catalysts has been done by using IR, PSA, and XRF. To identify the type of fuel in the product, the calorific value of the pyrolysis oil was evaluated. The aim of this study is to find the optimal composition of catalyst and pyrolysis temperature to obtain the highest Yield of the pyrolysis oil. The optimization is done by using the central composite design (CCD) method using Matlab®. The obtained liquid fuel from the process yielded product as high as 74.27% and calorific value at 10416 kkal/kg.