Contemporary Bebegig Sukamantri Costume Design


  • Edi Setiadi Putra Institut Teknologi Nasional (Itenas) Bandung


Bebegig Sukamantri developed in several villages in Sukamantri District, Ciamis Regency. There is an agreement to place Dusun Cempaka as the center of Bebegig Sukamantri Buhun which must comply with standard rules, while several villages outside Sukamantri Village can develop for contemporary Bebegig Sukamntri or undergo several changes and developments. The problem of using fibers for Bebegig Sukamantri Buhun's costume obtained a solution by using rasfur cloth which has unique characteristics and is able to support the appearance of the spooky character of Bebegig Sukamantri. Rasfur fabric makes Bebegig Sukamantri's costume easy and comfortable to wear. This Contemporary Bebegig costume can be used for women, teenagers and children, without having to perform mythological rituals as in Bebegig Sukamantri Buhun. The existence of this costume, can overcome the problem of scarcity of fibers, fiber hygiene problems and inconvenience of fiber clothes. This workshop on making costumes from Rasfur provides a new freshness for the village community to develop themselves so that they become more comfortable and productive in their Contemporary Bebegig Sukamantri cultural arts activities.