Perancangan Automatic Cooling System Solar Power (AuCS-SP) berbasis Arduino Uno untuk Memepertahankan Kinerja Solar Panel


  • Dhami Johar Damiri Institut Teknologi PLN
  • Ditha Nevella Sembiring Institut Teknologi Nasional Bandug


This research aims to streamline the work of solar panels in converting sunlight into electrical energy in the Solar Power Plant (PLTS) system. Solar Panels placed in open areas get direct sunlight on the panel and under the panel, causing an increase in temperature on the Solar Panel which results in a decrease in voltage and current generated from the Solar panel. To deal with these problems, a temperature control system is needed on the surface of the Solar Panel. Automatic Cooling System Solar Power (AuCS-SP) tool in the form of automatic control with temperature sensor readings to detect temperature on the surface of the Solar Panel and Arduino Uno R3 as a microcontroller and Relay, the AuCS-SP tool will automatically turn on according to the temperature readings carried out by the DS18B20 temperature sensor. The results of temperature control on the designed Solar Panel, AuCS-SP prove that there is an increase in the output of Solar Panels by 7.03 Watts greater than Solar Panels that do not use a cooling system. With an average temperature ratio that uses a cooling system of 6.29 ºC cooler than those that do not use a cooling system. The average current difference beetwen using AuCS-SP and does not use the cooling system is 0.31 A smaller than those who use the cooling system and the average voltage difference that uses the cooling system is greater than without use the cooling system.