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Sleep is the need of every individual, is an activity for every human being to release physical fatigue, sleep is a state of a person entering his subconscious but a person can still be awakened by being stimulated by touch, sleep is a calm state without activity, which affects the quality of a person's sleep is the environment where he sleeps which usually disturbs us when we sleep is usually the weather is too cold, too hot, the light is on, the condition of the body does not clean before going to bed which causes it to be smelly, uncomfortable, and the use of gadgets before bed, which makes us sleep not so comfortable that it makes sleep patterns damaged. The negative impact of a damaged sleep pattern is that you get used to staying up late and staying up late is not recommended to stay up late as long as there is a clear purpose and not repeated continuously. , when emotional stability, lack of confidence & carelessness from the problems above, it is necessary to hold a healthy sleep pattern campaign for adolescents where teenagers are in a period of determining their attitude socially and emotionally and physically.


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